Ball’s Out!

Egg Shaped Ball is Finally Released!

Rugby and poetry join forces in Egg Shaped Ball to smash any misconceptions that poetry is “boring” or that rugby players are just “mindless brutes.”

Egg Shaped Ball shows that these supposedly closed off realms don’t discriminate. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the countless joys they both offer.

Curious to see what Egg Shaped Ball is all about?

Stop by your local bookstore and order your copy today!

Can Rugby Inspire Poetry?

I’ve played rugby for years and I’ve written poetry for years. These are two passions that I have always kept separate – until now.

This March, my latest chapbook, Egg Shaped Ball, will be released. A loving tribute to rugby and the women who play it, this text is the happy coupling of two worlds.

Poets and ruggers are both invited to partake in this little collection. If you don’t know about rugby, the poems will teach you. If you know nothing about poetry, the rambunctious text will invigorate you to dive into some rucks.

I hope you all enjoy this little tease of a sample poem.