In The Spotlight: Into Armageddon

A Sci-Fi Feast for Readers Jeff DeMarco, an Indies United writer as well as an Army veteran, has launched the Ruler of Ashes series which is sure to catch the interests of military fiction and science fiction fans. First in the series, Into Armageddon, wastes no time getting readers into the action. Read more aboutContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Into Armageddon”

In The Spotlight: Michael’s Ivy

When it’s summer, it’s time for Sci-Fi! Keith Bingham, an Indies United author, weaves a tale of scientific discovery and the human condition into a fascinating tale in Michael’s Ivy. When Michael finds an unusual plant in another dimension and brings it back to Earth, it charts a course that forever changes humanity. The plantContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Michael’s Ivy”

In The Spotlight: Chromaspace: Conscript

A High Stakes Galactic Adventure! Author Megan Alnico is taking readers to new heights in her sci-fi novel, Chromaspace: Conscript. Published through Indies United Publishing House in 2021, this novel is sure to expand your horizons. Military Field Agent Jacob Zackery had never planned on joining the Union Space Force. After being pressed into serviceContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Chromaspace: Conscript”

In The Spotlight: Maz’hura

It’s time to launch yourself into a world of epic proportions. Indies United Publishing House has just released award-winning author Paul L. Centeno’s Maz’hura, and from the looks of its dramatically alluring cover, it will provide its readers with some outstanding chapters full of danger and wonder. First up in The Twelve Dimensions series, thisContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Maz’hura”