Fitspiration for Writers

Let’s Get Physical! Novelists, poets, and lyricists know that writing requires quite a lot of brain power. It’s incredible what can happen when inspiration strikes like a firestorm. Ballads that pull at heartstrings, and poems that ignite revolutions can all come flowing out of your pen. There is, however, the constant struggle of the writer’sContinue reading “Fitspiration for Writers”

Break Out Those Clubs!

The Phoenixville Rugby Team Golf Outing is BACK Laura DiNovis Berry is proud to be a sponsor of the 8th Annual Phoenixville Rugby Golf Outing! This fun filled day is a great opportunity to get outside, spend time with good friends, and win some great prizes. Your participation in this event provides immense support forContinue reading “Break Out Those Clubs!”

Egg Shaped Ball for All

Egg Shaped Ball is now available in Indie Pennsylvania, a collection of books from local indie authors! Available exclusively on the BiblioBoard Library mobile and web platform. This collection is available to patrons of participating libraries all across the state of Pennsylvania. With just one click of a button, you can get your hands onContinue reading “Egg Shaped Ball for All”

Chapbook Giveaway!

Spring is coming and to celebrate the start of rugby season, you can get a FREE copy of Egg Shaped Ball! The energetic verses in this chapbook give new meaning to the phrase, ‘poetry in motion!’ Dedicated to rugby and the women who play it, this chapbook honors the intense lows and electric highs aContinue reading “Chapbook Giveaway!”