In The Spotlight: Dead Code

A Fast Paced Mystery from Indies United! A long time journalist and lover of the water, Glenda Carroll has a mystery for you. Her novel, Dead Code, has received rave reviews from Kirkus Review and the San Francisco Book Review. Discover more about Carroll’s work here: Amateur sleuth Trisha Carson is being watched. By aContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Dead Code”

In The Spotlight: The Stash

A stash of stolen cash buried deep within a national park sets a thief, a park ranger, and three slackers on a collision course. Another Indies United strong pack of thriller writers, Benjamin Bradley delivers the goods in The Stash! Let’s take a closer look at what this YA Thriller has in store for readers:Continue reading “In The Spotlight: The Stash”

Ask A Writer Anything!

(About Writing…) Hello writers and readers! Have you ever wondered why an author thought to end their book in a certain way or what caused the spark for certain stories? Join this little game, and you could get your questions answered! Here’s how it works: Make a blog post titled “Ask a Writer Anything! (AboutContinue reading “Ask A Writer Anything!”

In The Spotlight: Camp Lenape

A Summer of Mystery! Looking for a book that will keep you guessing? Then you’ll need to snag a copy of Timothy Baldwin‘s middle school mystery, Camp Lenape: A Kahale and Claude Mystery. Published through Indies United Publishing House, this is the first installment of Badlwin’s mystery series. Let’s take a look at what’s inContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Camp Lenape”

Don’t Miss Out!

Hear Death at Dusbar College Live TOMORROW! The coolest small town is about to get even cooler! Come on down to the Lititz Springs Park to hear Laura DiNovis Berry read selections from the highly rated Death at Dusbar College. Written for elementary and middle school children, this book showcases the power of learning andContinue reading “Don’t Miss Out!”

Great Books all in One Great Catalog

The holiday season is here along with hot cocoa, snuggling in sweaters, and days of anxiously pondering what gifts you should buy for your loved ones. This past year has been filled with trials and tribulations, and everyone could use a little something to bring them joy. Thankfully, you can find something for everyone inContinue reading “Great Books all in One Great Catalog”

In the Spotlight: Ninety-Five

Writers everywhere know that getting published is hard. The struggle of writing a book is far less daunting than trying to find an agent or a publisher; however, thanks to Indies United Publishing House, indie writers now have a chance to send their works out into the world. In an effort to spread the wordContinue reading “In the Spotlight: Ninety-Five”