In The Spotlight: Into Armageddon

A Sci-Fi Feast for Readers Jeff DeMarco, an Indies United writer as well as an Army veteran, has launched the Ruler of Ashes series which is sure to catch the interests of military fiction and science fiction fans. First in the series, Into Armageddon, wastes no time getting readers into the action. Read more aboutContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Into Armageddon”

In The Spotlight: Bless Me Father

Historical Fiction with Heart At Indies United, you can be sure to find writers with all sorts of interesting stories to tell. First a man of medicine and now letters, Micheal Deeze is the author of a three part series that strikes deep at the human psyche. Bless Me Father is a work of historicalContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Bless Me Father”

In The Spotlight: Michael’s Ivy

When it’s summer, it’s time for Sci-Fi! Keith Bingham, an Indies United author, weaves a tale of scientific discovery and the human condition into a fascinating tale in Michael’s Ivy. When Michael finds an unusual plant in another dimension and brings it back to Earth, it charts a course that forever changes humanity. The plantContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Michael’s Ivy”

Ask A Writer Anything!

(About Writing…) Hello writers and readers! Have you ever wondered why an author thought to end their book in a certain way or what caused the spark for certain stories? Join this little game, and you could get your questions answered! Here’s how it works: Make a blog post titled “Ask a Writer Anything! (AboutContinue reading “Ask A Writer Anything!”

Let’s Talk About Antyfas!

Laura DiNovis Berry on the Emerging Writers Series Podcast Have you heard? There’s a great new podcast out there…and Laura DiNovis Berry was guest on it! If you’ve been curious about all this Death at Dusbar College business, you’ll be able to learn all about it when you listen to the most recent episode ofContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Antyfas!”

In the Spotlight: The French Queen’s Curse

A Literary Titan Book Award Winner! The esteemed publishing house Indies United has a new release coming this Saturday. Juliette Lauber’s The French Queen’s Curse is sure to be unlike anything you have read before. You can get a taste for the book here: Véronique “Kikki” Trieste international entertainment lawyer, moonlighting as a time travelerContinue reading “In the Spotlight: The French Queen’s Curse”

What’s Life Without Art?

Happy New Year! With the arrival of 2022, that means the release of Death at Dusbar College is only five months away! Thankfully the holidays brought friends and family together for feasting and fun, but that doesn’t mean that work for the book was paused. Quite the opposite! The illustrious and impossibly talented, Lee Thompson,Continue reading “What’s Life Without Art?”