Meet an Author in Downingtown!

Just when you thought Fall couldn’t get more exciting, news arrives that author Laura DiNovis Berry will be signing copies of the the award-winning Death at Dusbar College and answering questions about the writing industry. The event, generously hosted by the charming boutique, Downtown Thrift, is free to the public. Parents looking to have aContinue reading “Meet an Author in Downingtown!”

Creature Feature!

A Sneak Peek of Lee Thompson’s Illustrations Lee Thompson, the founder of Short Short Fest and extremely talented illustrator, has started bringing The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp to life! New artwork isn’t the only exciting announcement today though. Check out the new book trailer for The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp! Oh, dear! Will Valentino beContinue reading “Creature Feature!”

Death at Dusbar College Comes to Lititz!

Are you a kid who loves to write, but isn’t sure how to get started writing your own stories? Are you a parent who wants to foster a love for the creative arts in your children? Then join author Laura DiNovis Berry for an afternoon of magic, cupcakes, and more in Lititz Springs Park! NotContinue reading “Death at Dusbar College Comes to Lititz!”

The Aria of Death is on Everyone’s Lips!

More and more people are learning about the magical world of Antyfas! Recently, The Aria of Death was performed by the mysterious and wonderfully eerie Lady Raven! What other weird and frightening things will The Narrator of the Night reveal? She and her ghouls seem to turn up all manner of horrifying tales. And whatContinue reading “The Aria of Death is on Everyone’s Lips!”

Chapbook Giveaway!

Spring is coming and to celebrate the start of rugby season, you can get a FREE copy of Egg Shaped Ball! The energetic verses in this chapbook give new meaning to the phrase, ‘poetry in motion!’ Dedicated to rugby and the women who play it, this chapbook honors the intense lows and electric highs aContinue reading “Chapbook Giveaway!”