In The Spotlight: Impoverished Wealth

How Do The Other Half Live? One of the newest additions to the publishing powerhouse that is Indies United, Jake Cavanah’s collection of stories, Impoverished Wealth, takes an interesting look at the human condition. Let’s take a glimpse at the characters you’ll meet in his work: Damon Maker is a twenty-something who is the onlyContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Impoverished Wealth”

Great Books all in One Great Catalog

The holiday season is here along with hot cocoa, snuggling in sweaters, and days of anxiously pondering what gifts you should buy for your loved ones. This past year has been filled with trials and tribulations, and everyone could use a little something to bring them joy. Thankfully, you can find something for everyone inContinue reading “Great Books all in One Great Catalog”