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In the world of Antyfas, you can never be too sure what will happen next! Magic and plenty of the unexpected abound in settings like Dusbar College or the Nastgant Swamp.

Death at Dusbar College

Winner of the Silver Literary Titan Award and first in the silly and engaging A Story of Antyfas series, Death at Dusbar College is a great middle school fantasy that is sure to give your little reader a strong case of the giggles.

A read that is fun for the whole family!

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The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp

The second installment of the A Story of Antyfas series will be released this coming October!

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It’s not everyday that a gnome invites you to dinner! When Valentino is invited to a special gnome party deep in the Nastgant Swamp, he can’t wait to go. Unfortunately, Valentino isn’t just the guest of honor — he’s supposed to be the main course! Join Valentino on his fantastic adventure filled with trolls, gnomes, and danger! 

The Aria of Death

Curious about Death at Dusbar College? Try reading a free short story of Antyfas, The Aria of Death! This prequel to the A Story of Antyfas series is a serious delight.

A Spooky Short!

Baby Aria’s appetite knows no bounds, but is it any match for the hungry monster that roams the Gelostin Woods?

You don’t have to wait to find out. Give what you can or nothing at all to learn how this spooky springtime tale ends!

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