Death at Dusbar College Comes to Media!

The story of Cristiano and the Grand Magician’s riddle is on the move to everyone’s home town!

Media, PA is the next stop on the book tour! Join author, Laura DiNovis Berry, as she meets with the Kids’ Writers Group at the Media-Upper Providence Free Library to discuss how to bring a story to life and reads segments from the fantastical Death at Dusbar College.

You’ll even have the chance to take home your own copy of this book that’s getting rave reviews!


Where: Media-Upper Providence Free Library

When: July 13 from 4:15pm – 5:00pm

Payments for books and book bundles can be made with Cash, Venmo, or PayPal.

  • Paperback – $10
  • Hardcover – $20
  • Paperback + Sticker Bundle- $12
  • Hardcover + Sticker Bundle – $22
10% of the total sales proceeds will be donated to the library!

Can’t make it to the event? Don’t worry!

More fun is to come throughout the summer!

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The Book Tour Begins

After a successful first stop in Lititz, the denizens of Antyfas are excited to see more of your world!

The sun was shining, the cupcakes were fresh, and all was right in the world as Death at Dusbar College landed for its first stop in Lititz, PA.

Author Laura DiNovis Berry set up shop in the Lititz Springs Park and was thrilled to share her work with fans, including one young aspiring author who likes to write about cats.

The event also supported two independent artists in one go! As Laura DiNovis Berry’s guests where enthralled by the hilarious antics of the Dusbar College professors, they were able to munch on delicious cupcakes created by Sugar Whipped Bakery, a local bakery.

Not only were these cupcakes delicious, but these baked delights were a feast for the eyes as well, sporting illustrations directly from the book!

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon as Berry brought her characters to life with funny voices and dramatic gestures.

When the familiar clouds of a Pennsylvania summer storm began to roll in, the event came to an end but not before signed copies of Death at Dusbar College were sent home with excited readers.

Berry’s imaginative story is about a little boy who is eager to win a Grand Magician’s marvelous hat. How marvelous is this hat? You can see for yourself here:

It was a glorious hat too. The hat’s wide circular brim was
resplendent with golden stars and moons. Swirling clouds
stitched with deep blue thread traveled mysteriously about
the deep purple fabric.

Small silver, gold, and black pom-poms dangled down
from the brim. The Grand Magician’s hat led up to a point
that was two feet into the air, and the inner lining was
constructed of dark red satin. At the very tip of the hat sat a
wonderfully white fluffy ball that sparkled and glittered. The
Grand Magician’s hat was the envy of all who saw it.

Death at Dusbar College

You won’t want to miss a chance to get your hands on a signed copy of this one-of-a-kind book, and Laura DiNovis Berry doesn’t wan to miss out on the chance of meeting you! There will be plenty of more stops along the book tour this summer, so if you’re an aspiring author of any age bring your curiosity and questions about plot writing, character design, and everything in between.

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In The Spotlight: Camp Lenape

A Summer of Mystery!

Looking for a book that will keep you guessing? Then you’ll need to snag a copy of Timothy Baldwin‘s middle school mystery, Camp Lenape: A Kahale and Claude Mystery. Published through Indies United Publishing House, this is the first installment of Badlwin’s mystery series. Let’s take a look at what’s in store when you join Camp Lenape campers for the summer:

When a girl goes missing, and none of the adults can give a straight answer, a childhood game suddenly turns into a real, secret mission. Phone lines are down. Strange men roam the campgrounds. Financial documents indicate something’s amiss. And hidden security cameras point to a mysterious cottage in the woods. With heightened suspicions, junior camp counselors Marcus and Alissa recruit their friends to help find the missing girl. In their search, the teens will learn to rely on each other, especially when they encounter a terrible and dangerous secret.

Camp Lenape: A Kahale and Claude Mystery

There’s nothing like a good mystery to ensnare the senses, and these reviewers agree!

The Reviews Are In!

Camp Lenape was a fast and enjoyable read for me. The characters were fun and interesting and very well rounded. The storyline was mysterious and the prologue was wonderful and had me hooked from the first page.

Luvtoread, Book Reviewer

I read this book because I wanted to find something my teenaged grandsons would enjoy reading. I’m glad to say, I found just the book…

Edith Coley, Book Reviewer

A good teen read with plenty of suspense and action.

Sian Turner, Author

You don’t have to wait for your next summer thrill-ride! Get Camp Lenape delivered to your home right away, and support an indie author!

Don’t Miss Out!

Hear Death at Dusbar College Live TOMORROW!

The coolest small town is about to get even cooler! Come on down to the Lititz Springs Park to hear Laura DiNovis Berry read selections from the highly rated Death at Dusbar College.

Written for elementary and middle school children, this book showcases the power of learning and teaches children to use context clues to support their findings — especially when they’re trying to solve a magical mystery!

Adults will enjoy this event too as cupcakes by local bakery, Sugar Whipped, will be provided!

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In the Spotlight: Rapunzel’s Tower

A New Take On an Old Tale!

Wendy L. Anderson breathes fresh life into the old tale of Rapunzel and her tower in Rapunzel’s Tower, published through Indies United Publishing House in 2021.

This is a story about a beautiful princess. You may say this tale has been told countless times, the moral of the story learned, and the children entertained but you may not have heard the entire truth. A cruel twist of fate caused the princess to be locked in a magical tower. Two princes, one from the East and one from the West, are set against each other and tasked with rescuing her. How hard can it be to climb a tower? At the end of their perilous adventure the Princess will only be able to choose one Prince as her true love. Which one will prevail in winning her hand? A tale such as this made from legends, incites our minds and imaginations, and tugs at our heart strings while chilling our bones. This is not just a story of cruel fate, but the tale of true love and Rapunzel and her tower.

Rapunzel’s Tower

Fantasy lovers and readers who enjoy hearing stories told with a twist are encouraged to dive into Anderson’s work. Want to learn more about Rapunzel’s Tower? Check out these reviews!

The Reviews Are In!

I devoured this book! I just could not put it down.

Gee Liz, GoodReads Book Reviewer

I loved the new take on the classic fairytale of Rapunzel, and the story really flowed well.

Charlotte, GoodReads Book Reviewer

Add some fantasy to your reading repertoire with Anderson’s innovative story.

In The Spotlight: Chromaspace: Conscript

A High Stakes Galactic Adventure!

Author Megan Alnico is taking readers to new heights in her sci-fi novel, Chromaspace: Conscript.

Published through Indies United Publishing House in 2021, this novel is sure to expand your horizons.

Military Field Agent Jacob Zackery had never planned on joining the Union Space Force. After being pressed into service there was only one way out, complete three missions for Admiral York. But when Jacob is abandoned on a dead planet to slowly starve to death he must make a deal with an illegal AI to get back to Homeworld and to Helen, the woman he loves. Along the way he befriends a mechanical savant, a young woman fleeing a planetary invasion, and a doctor with questionable loyalties, all while struggling to regain the life torn from him.

Chromaspace: Conscript

When you crack open a good book, you never know where the adventure will take you. Want to learn more about Chromaspace: Conscript? Check out these reviews!

The Reviews Are In!

I love how Alnico weaves her worlds together and gives them each a system of laws and culture to make them unique.

K. J. Harrowick, Book Reviewer

As a reader, I look for certain things from certain genres of fiction. In detective stories; a good mystery. In thrillers; a decent villain to challenge the hero. In literary fiction; a good cast of well-rounded, fully-fleshed characters.
In Chromaspace: Conscript, I got all three.

Aaron S. Gallagher, Author

You can add Alnico’s space saga to your bookshelf today. Don’t wait to support an indie writer!

What’s That Sound?

It’s the Death at Dusbar College audiobook!

Are you worried that your summer plans will interrupt your reading time? Such inconveniences are no trouble at all for fans of the A Story of Antyfas series!

You can add some magic to your summer no matter where you are when you listen to the Death at Dusbar College audiobook! Just take a look at all the things you can do while listening to Cristiano’s wonderful adventure at Dusbar College:

  • Take a walk
  • Plant a garden
  • Knit a sweater
  • Walk a dog
  • Mow the lawn
  • Clean the house
  • Do your laundry
  • Paint a picture

Audiobooks can make even the most mundane tasks more fun! There’ll be no shortage of smiles while listening to Death at Dusbar College while completing household chores.

Here’s where you can listen to this first story of Antyfas:

You can also listen to this fun and engaging story on Overdrive! If Death at Dusbar College isn’t available through your library, you can request your library to get it for you! Use this ISBN number to make your request go faster: 978-1-64456-420-2

In the Spotlight: Peach Tree Ranch

A Time Traveling Adventure

Hot off the presses, Peach Tree Ranch has arrived just in time for summer!

The latest publication from Indies United Publishing House, Paul Clifton’s latest work will take you on an incredible journey. Let’s take a closer look at this unique tale:

Allton rode out from his ranch one day in 1888 and rode back the same day to find himself in 2008. Somehow his life had made a leap of 120 years. During that 120 years he had been thought of as a family deserter and coward. He had left a wife, two children and a third child on the way. As confused as he was to find himself in 2008, he learned some valuable things about himself that made him more determined to return to his life. If only he could get back to his time and place, he knew he could change to be more like the man he should be, the husband and father his family deserved. During his time in 2008 a good friendship developed, one that would endure across two centuries, because of a unique gift.

Peach Tree Ranch

This story of self-discovery is sure to be an attention grabber! You can grab your own copy of Peach Tree Ranch today! Every purchase supports an indie writer. Don’t wait to start your reading adventures.

Celebrate Summer with a Trip to Antyfas!

Get Death at Dusbar College From a Bookstore Near You!

It’s time for summer fun, and what’s more fun than discovering a new favorite book?

Dive into the robust and ridiculous world of Antyfas. Its denizens can’t wait to meet you and give you a tour of the wondrous, Dusbar College. This middle grade fantasy book is fast-paced, tastefully intelligent, and will leave you smiling.

What’s even more exciting is that you can support your own local bookstore when you purchase a copy of Death at Dusbar College!

Don’t wait to shop local and snag this book that is getting rave reviews.

Death at Dusbar College was a playful middle grade mystery that I’d recommend to anyone who also loves modern fantasy.

Astilbe, Reviewer for

Lancaster County readers will have the chance to meet the author on June 22nd at the Lititz Springs Park!

Laura DiNovis Berry will be answering questions about what it’s like to be a writer, reading from sections of her book, and signing copies. Cupcakes by Sugar Whipped Bakery will be provided free of charge!

Please RSVP for this free event so the author can be prepared.

If you live outside of Lancaster County, enter your email below, so you can be alerted right away of upcoming events near you!

Death at Dusbar College is Available for Pre-Order!

Get Your Copy Today!

It’s finally happening! Voracious readers young and old can now place their orders for Death at Dusbar College.

What Reviewers are Saying:

I love how imaginative and funny this book is! The people and creatures in Dusbar College are so interesting and weird. The writing style is really funny and had me laughing!


As a licensed teacher, I’m always looking for good, easy-to-read chapter books. Death at Dusbar College is just that kind of book.

J.W. Bell, Teacher and Author

Full of fun characters, imaginative events, and excellent fantastical settings, Berry has done a terrific job…This is a perfect summer read and a great read-aloud book for parents and smaller children.

You’ve been hearing an awful lot about the ridiculous escapades of Antyfas’ residents, and when your very own copy of Death at Dusbar College is delivered to you, you’ll be able to jump right into a world of magic, laughter, and, well, ridiculousness.

This rousing start to the A Story of Antyfas series is available for pre-order through several retailers — including your local bookstore!

Don’t Forget!

Laura DiNovis Berry will be visiting Lititz, PA for a live reading and answering questions about how to be a writer. Cupcakes from Sugar Whipped Bakery will be provided! The quantity is limited, though, so you’ll want to get there early!

More book events will be scheduled throughout the summer!

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