In The Spotlight: The Stash

A stash of stolen cash buried deep within a national park sets a thief, a park ranger, and three slackers on a collision course.

Another Indies United strong pack of thriller writers, Benjamin Bradley delivers the goods in The Stash!

Let’s take a closer look at what this YA Thriller has in store for readers:

Dean Nelson had every detail of his heist planned to perfection. He’d made a flawless getaway and was patiently waiting for the right moment to dig up the money that was buried late in the night without any witnesses. Or at least any witnesses that he knew of.

Katie’s life as a park ranger is centered around one mission: protect the park. On most days the threats are nothing more than off-leash dogs and illegal campfires but one night she realizes something is afoot. Somebody has been digging in her park.

Cooper and his friends are always outrunning the police on their harmless adventures into the unknown. One night, they ended up in the right place at the right time and stumbled upon a clue that could leave them rich beyond their wildest dreams. They just have to find the treasure before somebody catches up to them.

As the three forces collide, can Cooper make it out with the cash in hand or will it cost him more than he bargained for? Is the cash worth their lives?

The Stash

This book sure sounds like a wild ride! Still not sure if this is the right book for you? Check out these reviews!

The Reviews Are In!

What I liked most about this book is how it transferred me to the past when I was younger exploring and getting in trouble.
It also gave me the feeling in the beginning that I was about to read something out of R.L. Stine’s world…

E.L. Bean, Author

While the author has labeled this a YA book, it could easily hold its own against adult thrillers…I would gladly suggest this book for anyone in high school and up to age 102!

JennieReads.Com, Book Reviewer

Are you ready for a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Order your copy of The Stash today!

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Break Out Those Clubs!

The Phoenixville Rugby Team Golf Outing is BACK

Laura DiNovis Berry is proud to be a sponsor of the 8th Annual Phoenixville Rugby Golf Outing!

This fun filled day is a great opportunity to get outside, spend time with good friends, and win some great prizes. Your participation in this event provides immense support for the men and women’s rugby teams of Phoenixville. Friends can join as a team, or you can go it alone!

Sign up now to take a swing at first prize!

If you can’t contain your passion for rugby or have never played before, be sure to pick up a copy of Egg Shaped Ball. This small collection of poems is dedicated to rugby and the women who play it. Reviewers have described it as “…eloquent and honest…” and “…inspiring…”

Rugby and poetry surge happily together in Egg Shaped Ball, making it a great fit avid for poetry lovers or ruggers who can’t wait to get back out on the pitch.

Phoenixville locals can purchase their own copy when they stop into Reads & Company at 234 Bridge Street.

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Downtown Thrift Stocks Great Stuff!

Calling All Chester County Shoppers!

Need a unique piece to spruce up your home? Looking for the perfect gift for a friend? Then you need to yourself down to Downtown Thrift! When you stop into this shop, you’ll be be able to peruse furniture, jewelry, and more.

Not only does this fabulous woman-owned business stock incredible items, but you can purchase your very own copy of the award winning Death at Dusbar College here too!

Shopping for this unique fantasy book at Downtown Thrift allows you to support your local economy and an indie author. Conveniently located at 3929 Lincoln Highway, Downingtown, you can pop into Downtown Thrift to get just what you — or your bookshelf— needs.

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In The Spotlight: Michael’s Ivy

When it’s summer, it’s time for Sci-Fi! Keith Bingham, an Indies United author, weaves a tale of scientific discovery and the human condition into a fascinating tale in Michael’s Ivy.

When Michael finds an unusual plant in another dimension and brings it back to Earth, it charts a course that forever changes humanity. The plant has the power to heal his body into a perfect and pristine state of health. Realizing that he has discovered virtual immortality, he shares the plant with his friends. Within days, he learns, to his horror, if he does not continue to take it, he has condemned himself, and all those he shared it with, to a terrible and gruesome fate.

Michael’s Ivy

You can take this book home with you in a variety of formats, like these:

Don’t forget! Your purchase supports an indie writer!

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Literary Titan Book Awards July 2022

Death at Dusbar College won the Silver Literary Titan Book Award! This is simultaneously very humbling and exciting.

Author Laura DiNovis Berry has created a magical world with much thought, care, and precision that will captivate young readers’ minds. The author’s quirky imagination is expertly displayed on each page, making this magical realm come to life in the reader’s mind. Many parts in the book carry a theatrical appeal allowing the reader to clearly visualize the scenes and characters, almost like watching a movie. This book reminded me of Harry Potter but for younger readers and with a less complicated plot.  

Literary Titan

More Antyfas adventures are coming, so don’t wait to order your own copy of this award winning book today!

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In the Spotlight: Recall

A NEW Release from Indies United!

Author and Army vet, JW Bell‘s thriller, Recall, is the latest release of the summer from Indies United Publishing House.

This one-of-a-kind thriller is sure to be like nothing you’ve ever read before! Let’s take a look at what this novel has in store for readers:

Stan woke up in a hospital last September, remembering nothing; however, there were memories of sorts. He could remember past lives. The personalities from there talked to him lent him their skills. He is out now, and Bang! Someone shoots a woman, and the police chase him. Doc, his psychiatrist, and the only other person that knows about his mental problems, tries to turn him in. He has no idea why she did it, but he is drawn to her even so. Now, he’s the prime suspect for killing a senator’s wife. Mu’izz, the leader of the local ISIS, joins the chase and orders their assassin to find and kill him.


You can support a veteran and you local bookstore today! Call your local bookstore and order Recall for your reading pleasure.

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Ask A Writer Anything!

(About Writing…)

Hello writers and readers!

Have you ever wondered why an author thought to end their book in a certain way or what caused the spark for certain stories? Join this little game, and you could get your questions answered!

Here’s how it works:

Make a blog post titled “Ask a Writer Anything! (About Writing…)”

Tag a writer on WordPress either by linking them or @-ing them, and ask three questions like so:


1 – Question?

2 – Question?

3 – Question?

If you’re a writer who’s been tagged, feel free to answer in the comments or reblog the post and answer the questions then.

After answering your questions, tag another writer to keep the game going!

I’ll get the ball rolling by tagging award-winning author, Lisa Towles!

@Lisa Towles

  1. How do you plot out your thrillers?
  2. How you manage to keep track of all the clues and characters?
  3. Do you ever get lost in the subplots?

Thanks for playing along!

In The Spotlight: Journey 5

A Thriller That Spans Countries

When you scour all the books that the vivacious publishing house Indies United has to offer, you’ll be sure to stumble upon the work of E. L. Bean. Bean’s psychological thriller, Journey 5, follows a man from one country to another as he spirals further and further into madness.

When a young aspiring author receives a black notebook with a paranoid story in the form of a diary, he descends into the disturbed mind of a young man falling into madness. This psychological thriller will leave you to wonder how easily a person can slip the perceptions of reality leaving nothing but unanswered questions laced with regret.

Journey 5

As you visit new countries with E. L. Bean, you’ll never be sure what to expect next!

The Reviews Are In!

E. L. Bean plays with the human psyche and shows her readers that is better to cling to life, no matter how brief, than be eaten by despair

Laura DiNovis Berry, Author

E. L. Bean’s plot is smartly constructed and the prose left this reader questioning the truth of the narrator.

This is a very good read!

Timothy Baldwin, Author

The writing style is simple, easy, and has a definite female perspective as it explores relationships and fate.

David Cameron, Author

Don’t let this thriller pass you by! You can order Journey 5 from major book sellers today.