In The Spotlight: The Scousers

A Book of History and Love

Nothing can inspire the soul as much as a true tale of struggle and endurance. Indies United writer Dorren M. Doyle and her co-author Joe Giambrone travel back through time to shed light on Doyle’s own family as they live through bombings and a time of great fear.

With music to lift their spirits and each other to hold on to in times of hardship, Doyle’s family endures.

Let’s learn more about this incredible story:

Three sisters, Eileen, Lucy and Nell, with their two brothers, Tom and Jack, find love and build families at the end of the 1930s. The nation lives in dread that a new war will break out in Europe and spread to home. Upon hearing the King’s speech, the country transforms to a wartime footing.

Tom is already in the Merchant Navy and Jack steals his brother’s identity to also go enlist. As they train and prepare for the worst, still the war remains far away from Tom’s wife Gladys and her new baby. The families live their lives and play music at a local pub.

Once the massive evacuation of children sends thousands off to Wales, Lucy and her sisters decide to keep their children at home with them. The German Blitz rains bombs onto Liverpool in an effort to destroy the port. Neighborhoods near the docks are flattened one after the other, as the Germans try to disable the crucial shipping. Lucy’s house is bombed, and so is Gladys’, with her and the three children stuck inside beneath the rubble.

No matter, they move onto another house farther inland. Times are desperate, very little food. Diphtheria breaks out and claims scores of helpless children. It’s a miserable subsistence, and every night the Gerries send more than a hundred bombers to destroy what remains of Liverpool. In the middle of this chaos and carnage, Doreen was born. She naturally feels a solemn duty to tell this story.

The Scousers

Fans of history and stories of the human spirit are encouraged to add The Scousers to their shelves today. You can purchase a copy at:

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Meet an Author in Downingtown!

Just when you thought Fall couldn’t get more exciting, news arrives that author Laura DiNovis Berry will be signing copies of the the award-winning Death at Dusbar College and answering questions about the writing industry.

The event, generously hosted by the charming boutique, Downtown Thrift, is free to the public. Parents looking to have a day out with their middle grade children or those who are interested in the writing world, mark your calendars! This event is sure to be fun and informative.

Even better, candy will provided to those in attendance!

Payments for books and book bundles can be made with cash, Venmo, or PayPal.

  • Paperback – $10
  • Hardcover – $20
  • Paperback + Sticker Bundle- $12
  • Hardcover + Sticker Bundle – $22

Share a photo of the event while you’re there to get 10% off your total purchase! $1 of every purchase will be shared with Downtown Thrift.

It’s not every day that you get to support a small business and an author at once. This event is one you won’t want to miss:

Event Details


October 22nd @ 1 PM


Downtown Thrift, 3929 Lincoln Highway
Downingtown, PA 19335

Space is limited, so don’t forget to RSVP!

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In The Spotlight: Into Armageddon

A Sci-Fi Feast for Readers

Jeff DeMarco, an Indies United writer as well as an Army veteran, has launched the Ruler of Ashes series which is sure to catch the interests of military fiction and science fiction fans. First in the series, Into Armageddon, wastes no time getting readers into the action. Read more about DeMarco’s work:

The Order, a mysterious and powerful organization, has infiltrated the U.S. government at the highest levels, bent on remaking humanity in its image. Deep in their underground genetics facility, they’ve created a new race of enhanced humans, among other deadly creations.

As an infant, Erica escaped the facility, but will she ever be able to escape her fate? In hiding for over 15 years, she’s been hunted. Her desire, to live free and in peace.

Now the world has changed. A viral outbreak manufactured by The Order, human apex predators roam freely, humanity has bound together in pockets of resistance. The children of The Order have turned on their masters in a race for supremacy; spread out across the country, systematically taking over key military installations.

Though not entirely human, Erica may hold the key to humanity’s survival. Will she run, as she always has? Will she stand, one against many and risk losing all she holds dear – Her freedom, her family, her very existence?

Into Armageddon is the beginning of a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, includes elements of Military Fiction, Science Fiction, hard science, and genetic engineering, but reads like an action/ adventure and romance all wrapped up into one pulse-pounding novel that you won’t want to put down. It’s the first book in the Ruler of Ashes series.

Into Armageddon

This novel sounds like a thrill, but you don’t have to take this writer’s word for it! Check out the reviews for Into Armageddon below:

The Reviews Are In!

This book’s 5-star rating is absolutely deserved. Demarco’s story left me thinking it’s as good if not better than any Stephen King or Michael Crichton novel.

Z Gottlieb, Author

This was a refreshing book…the mixture of genetic engineering and well-written characters make this an excellent read. The characters is what brought it home for me, totally relatable characters. I look forward to book 2!

Angel Roman, Author

It’s always exciting to add a new book to your home library, but don’t forget that your purchases are also helping fund an indie writer! Of course, if your bookshelves at home are fit to burst, ask your local library to purchase a copy of Into Armageddon today!

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Fitspiration for Writers

Let’s Get Physical!

Novelists, poets, and lyricists know that writing requires quite a lot of brain power. It’s incredible what can happen when inspiration strikes like a firestorm. Ballads that pull at heartstrings, and poems that ignite revolutions can all come flowing out of your pen.

There is, however, the constant struggle of the writer’s search for the muse, that spark of inspiration that is so hard to capture but so easily recognized once you have it in your grasp.

But on days when your mind seems to be enveloped by a fog of chores, children’s extra-curricular activities, or vet appointments, how can you get your mind to walk across the coals of creativity when all you want to do is just sit down?

Sitting down and taking a moment of peace is certainly an excellent way to allow creative thought to flow through you, but if you find that there are days when you are not just sitting but becoming stagnant, there are strategies you can use as a writer to get your creative juices flowing again.

While listening to music can certainly fire up your synapses, exercise also provides a method for you to care for your mind and body. It may seem counter intuitive, but the serenity offered in yoga allows you to clear out your cluttered thoughts. Ridding yourself of extemporaneous thought might just be the key you need to finding your creative spark.

Below, is a great yoga instructor, Jeanne DiNovis Montero, who can lead you through a variety of practices that will not only help you get writing again but will also make sure you are taking care of one of your most important writing instruments — your body!

Now, if yoga isn’t the right activity for you check out this list of other great ways to get moving:

  • Boxing
  • Bike Rides
  • Strolling Through the Neighborhood
  • Running
  • Rugby
  • Yardwork
  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Zumba
  • Dancing

As you can see, there are so many ways to ignite inspiration. You might be surprised to find that the way you choose to move your body could move your mind to write about your experience!

While Jeanne does offer free videos online, if you live in Los Angeles, you can also sign up to take private classes with her. Now, get out there and get moving, writers!

In The Spotlight: Bless Me Father

Historical Fiction with Heart

At Indies United, you can be sure to find writers with all sorts of interesting stories to tell. First a man of medicine and now letters, Micheal Deeze is the author of a three part series that strikes deep at the human psyche.

Bless Me Father is a work of historical fiction that highlights a man’s struggle with faith, love, and everything in between. You can learn more here:

The mean streets of inner-city Chicago and the high-rise housing projects are a tough place to grow up unless you learn to swim like the other fish. Emmett Casey is a quick study but a slow learner, and he learns most of his lessons the hard way. As he navigates through the guilt and shame instilled by the Catholic nuns and priests, he learns that he can only trust his own instincts and the example that his father sets for him. He struggles to function in a world where he is far too smart for a society that moves too slowly for his restless spirit. He finds trouble because it is more interesting than the life that surrounds him, but trouble can have mortal implications when it goes beyond just interesting. Bad decisions and lack of commitment are tough to counter.

As a young adult with no direction, the Army finds him. War takes him to the places within himself that he fears the most. The man in the mirror begins to resemble his father. Through the steaming jungles of Vietnam, Emmett struggles with his world and himself. The rough beginnings in the slums of Chicago shaped him and made him tough; the last thing he wanted to be. Good and evil become relative to the situation, and he learns to dance with his devils—quickly.

Balancing heroism and catastrophe, Emmett walks through his damaged childhood to become a decorated veteran, finding trouble and salvation at every juncture. He prays for redemption but knows he doesn’t deserve it, forgiveness although he cannot accept it. Ultimately, the time has come for him to choose: face his ill-conceived choices and rise above his actions—or die.

Bless Me Father

Curious about this book? Then take it home with you! Bless Me Father is available in these formats:

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In The Spotlight: Impoverished Wealth

How Do The Other Half Live?

One of the newest additions to the publishing powerhouse that is Indies United, Jake Cavanah’s collection of stories, Impoverished Wealth, takes an interesting look at the human condition. Let’s take a glimpse at the characters you’ll meet in his work:

Damon Maker is a twenty-something who is the only son in one of the world’s wealthiest families. He doesn’t have the burden of driving himself around. He resides in a mansion most would mistake for a modern-day castle. And he is set to inherit his father’s multibillion-dollar corporation. But there’s someone standing in his way.

Serena Cortez never had to grow up. She starts each day by riding her horse around her family’s multimillion-dollar estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean—oblivious as to what made her family so wealthy.

Danny Cunningham is the son of the entertainment industry’s biggest mogul. He lives a life of luxury that includes a private chauffeur taking him to school and vacations around the world. Yet, Danny lives in fear.

Ryan Graf is the wife of a big-time sportswear executive. She goes to parties with star athletes and has nothing to worry about except getting to her tennis matches on time. Until she loses someone close to her.

From the outside looking in, all four of these characters lead lives many would aspire to have, but when you learn more about what them, they suddenly don’t seem so desirable. Impoverished Wealth: The Anthology unveils the complexities that come with extraordinary wealth, causing one to reconsider if getting to the top is really worth it.

Impoverished Wealth: The Anthology

Not sure if this work is for you? Check out what other readers have to say.

The Reviews Are In!

This is a collection of 4 short stories. Each story is told from the perspective of someone living in extreme wealth. The author shows the dark side of what most of us would think could be a pretty wonderful life. There is an old saying that “all that glitters is not gold.” And that fits this exactly. From dysfunctional families at a whole new level to characters who are uber-narcissistic, this was an entertaining and thought-provoking read.

JennieReads.Com, Book Reviewer

You can snag a copy of Jake Cavanah’s work right now in mobi or ePub format. Don’t wait to read this one of a kind book!

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Death at Dusbar College is Coming to A Bookstore Near YOU!

Order a Copy of Death of Dusbar College From Your Local Bookstore Today

Bookstores and libraries are, as all upstanding denizens of Antyfas know, are places of magic and wonder. Where else can you tumble into new worlds without having to trek through treacherous airplane lines and sit on your suitcase in hope that everything will fit?

If you’re excited to discover new lands that will astound you, then you’ll be absolutely buzzing when you read this:

Your local bookstore can allow you entry into the magical, silly world of Antyfas!

While you can always order your copy of the awarding winning Death at Dusbar College online, if you want immediate gratification, you don’t have to wait.

You can simply march into one of these fine stores and snatch a copy of this awarding winning book off the shelf today:

Not only do independent bookstores empower the communities that house them and help readers find worlds of magic, but their willingness to support independent authors is a special kind of magic in and of itself. Whenever you need a gift for any occasion or want to treat yourself, look to these stores first!

And Don’t Forget!

The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp is coming out this October!

Second in the A Story of Antyfas series, this new tale features untold dangers and all manner of fascinating beasts that you won’t find anywhere but in Antyfas!

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In The Spotlight: Dead Code

A Fast Paced Mystery from Indies United!

A long time journalist and lover of the water, Glenda Carroll has a mystery for you. Her novel, Dead Code, has received rave reviews from Kirkus Review and the San Francisco Book Review. Discover more about Carroll’s work here:

Amateur sleuth Trisha Carson is being watched. By a laptop that tracks her online life. By a blue-eyed athlete who guides her through an open water swim. And by Frida, her smart refrigerator. What are they looking for? A determined Trisha hunts down her stalkers and stumbles across a grim plan that will echo throughout the West Coast.

Dead Code

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Musical Inspirations

When In Doubt, Put On Some Tunes!

Writing the world of Antyfas is always an adventure, but every adventurer sometimes gets stuck. If you’ve become caught in Writer’s Block Marsh, don’t despair! There are all kinds of ways to free yourself from such quagmires.

Taking a walk or going for a hike is an excellent way to get the creative juices flowing, but another strategy you an use to spring yourself to creative freedom is to find some good music!

Antyfas is a place of magic and silliness. You can see what kind of music helps bring that world to life here:

The Pied Piper isn’t the only one who can use music to create magic! Without this playlists, who knows if Death at Dusbar College or The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp would ever enter this plane of existence!

Now, dear adventurer, it’s time for you to pick up your quill and pop on your headphones! Your writing journey awaits you!

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Creature Feature!

A Sneak Peek of Lee Thompson’s Illustrations

Lee Thompson, the founder of Short Short Fest and extremely talented illustrator, has started bringing The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp to life!

New artwork isn’t the only exciting announcement today though. Check out the new book trailer for The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp!

Oh, dear! Will Valentino be able to escape from this gruesome feast? Be sure to give the blog a follow so you can get your very own copy of The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp when it’s released this coming October.

New to the world of Antyfas? Check out this free prequel: The Aria of Death

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for — a sneak peek at the illustrations! As you can see, there are more interesting creatures coming to readers this October.

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