Musical Inspirations

When In Doubt, Put On Some Tunes! Writing the world of Antyfas is always an adventure, but every adventurer sometimes gets stuck. If you’ve become caught in Writer’s Block Marsh, don’t despair! There are all kinds of ways to free yourself from such quagmires. Taking a walk or going for a hike is an excellentContinue reading “Musical Inspirations”

Ask A Writer Anything!

(About Writing…) Hello writers and readers! Have you ever wondered why an author thought to end their book in a certain way or what caused the spark for certain stories? Join this little game, and you could get your questions answered! Here’s how it works: Make a blog post titled “Ask a Writer Anything! (AboutContinue reading “Ask A Writer Anything!”

In the Spotlight: Anjali the Brave

Let’s learn about vaccines! Dr. Adjoa Smalls-Mantey and Dr. Maria Abraham joined together to bring the charming Anjali the Brave to your bookshelf. You can read the summary here: Anjali is a brave girl, but like many kids, she’s nervous about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. During an open conversation with her doctor, Anjali gains confidenceContinue reading “In the Spotlight: Anjali the Brave”