In The Spotlight: Journey 5

A Thriller That Spans Countries When you scour all the books that the vivacious publishing house Indies United has to offer, you’ll be sure to stumble upon the work of E. L. Bean. Bean’s psychological thriller, Journey 5, follows a man from one country to another as he spirals further and further into madness. WhenContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Journey 5”

In the Spotlight: Rapunzel’s Tower

A New Take On an Old Tale! Wendy L. Anderson breathes fresh life into the old tale of Rapunzel and her tower in Rapunzel’s Tower, published through Indies United Publishing House in 2021. This is a story about a beautiful princess. You may say this tale has been told countless times, the moral of theContinue reading “In the Spotlight: Rapunzel’s Tower”

In The Spotlight: Chromaspace: Conscript

A High Stakes Galactic Adventure! Author Megan Alnico is taking readers to new heights in her sci-fi novel, Chromaspace: Conscript. Published through Indies United Publishing House in 2021, this novel is sure to expand your horizons. Military Field Agent Jacob Zackery had never planned on joining the Union Space Force. After being pressed into serviceContinue reading “In The Spotlight: Chromaspace: Conscript”

In the Spotlight: Peach Tree Ranch

A Time Traveling Adventure Hot off the presses, Peach Tree Ranch has arrived just in time for summer! The latest publication from Indies United Publishing House, Paul Clifton’s latest work will take you on an incredible journey. Let’s take a closer look at this unique tale: Allton rode out from his ranch one day inContinue reading “In the Spotlight: Peach Tree Ranch”

In the Spotlight: The French Queen’s Curse

A Literary Titan Book Award Winner! The esteemed publishing house Indies United has a new release coming this Saturday. Juliette Lauber’s The French Queen’s Curse is sure to be unlike anything you have read before. You can get a taste for the book here: Véronique “Kikki” Trieste international entertainment lawyer, moonlighting as a time travelerContinue reading “In the Spotlight: The French Queen’s Curse”

In the Spotlight: Art in Words

Lovers of poetry are encouraged to relish in the written art of Leslie Piggott. Art in Words is described as: A book of poetry that expresses the feelings and experiences of the author during the continued COVID-19 pandemic. Beautifully paired with watercolor paintings, this book offers comfort to its reader through word and art. IndiesContinue reading “In the Spotlight: Art in Words”

Great Books all in One Great Catalog

The holiday season is here along with hot cocoa, snuggling in sweaters, and days of anxiously pondering what gifts you should buy for your loved ones. This past year has been filled with trials and tribulations, and everyone could use a little something to bring them joy. Thankfully, you can find something for everyone inContinue reading “Great Books all in One Great Catalog”