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The Baker’s Patio

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Ron Kinscherf of Indies United Publishing has launched a series that is sure to delight kids and adults. A wonderful read aloud book of the year for bedtime or any time, The Baker’s Patio takes children on a journey of discovery…into their own backyard.

Book Synopsis:

An ant colony is a world unto itself. There is a lot of work to be done to survive. Every ant has their role to play. Someone must dig. Someone must get food. But what happens when their world is thrown into disarray by something smashing their anthills? How do they solve this problem?

Kinscherf’s endearing colony of ants has earned an impressive 4.91 star rating on GoodReads. Let’s see what some readers are saying about The Baker’s Patio:

The Reviews Are In!

This is a very sweet story that not only educates young readers about the complex and fascinating lives of ants but will also reach adults as it touches on the bittersweet aspects of growing up and having children. The illustrations are sure to keep little ones engaged, and Kinscherf does a lovely job at giving the ants interesting personalities.

Laura DiNovis Berry, Author

This delightful children’s book series includes Flight School, The Monster and The Sultan. Each book approaches learning about ants in a fun and engaging way. As an educator, I enjoyed reading them and look forward to bringing them into the classroom. Kinscherf’s strategy seems to be about teaching kids the positive attributes of each member of the ant colony to show that each member of a community had value. It is through their cooperation and appreciation for one another, they thrive. Each book offers excellent examples of skills necessary for children learn about life at a young age. Each of the characters in his stories takes us on an adventure while providing insight to our own experiences. The colorful illustrations help to convey the story. I am looking forward to more of his stories.

Kasey Rogers, Author

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