This Moving Memoir is a Must-Read!

It’ll Feel Better When It Quits Hurting

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Life is truly stranger than fiction. No book better captures that sentiment than Lisa Orban’s moving memoir, It’ll Feel Better When It Quits Hurting. Orban’s life and work certainly teaches readers to expect the unexpected.

Book Synopsis:

In this rollicking good memoir, author Lisa Orban is upfront the reader shouldn’t dive into her world expecting resolution and recovery by the end of the book, and it’s a refreshing way to discover beauty and inspiration from the unconventional.

Lisa Orban consistently illustrates this possibility through her reminiscences of both circumstance and consequence. Although her life is an emotional rollercoaster of ups, downs, twists and turns, she manages to keep the reigns steady on chaos and retains balance between tragedy and hilarity throughout her tales.

While some may argue that there may be peace in finding normality, Orban demonstrates how deviating from social obedience encourages us to define the world we live in by giving it meaning, and she does just that.

A life is a tricky thing to write about, but Orban’s memoir is charming reviewers and has earned 4.27 stars on GoodReads.

The Reviews Are In!

Lisa Orban promised a roller coaster ride and she delivered. These are bits and pieces of her younger years, a collection of short stories (my interpretation) as seen through a child + young woman’s eyes.
I felt many different emotions while reading Orban’s book. This is definitely an emotional and tumultuous read but one I didn’t want to exit (pulling me in the more I read). Her stories are sweet + endearing, amusing (giving me belly laughs), odd, quirky, turbulent and also of deep sadness + suffering, and sometimes infuriating. She also shares her gripping story about domestic violence and her struggle with keeping her own family unit together no matter what.

She writes- “Not all monsters live in books, not all boogeymen hide in closets, they often walk among us unnoticed in the guise of a human. They wear innocent faces, speaking sweet words, spinning tales, and creating glorious illusions. They can destroy worlds, leaving devastation in their wake, all without a moment of guilt.”

This is not a feel good novel where everything comes up roses. It’s not that kind of book, Orban did not live that life. Life for her was full of grit– she kept her chin up, put a smile on her face and dealt with it no matter how many times her life took a bad turn (whether it was no fault of her own as a child or hers as a young woman making her own choices). This is as real as life gets, it’s been a great ride for me reading it. I recommend to anyone that enjoys reading about real life which isn’t always pretty.

ReservedForReading.Com, Book Reviewer

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