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Looking to get into thrillers but aren’t sure where to start? Pick up a book by is Lisa Towles! Quite possibly one of the best thriller authors out there, individuals new to the genre will appreciate her fast moving plots.

A prolific writer, Towles’ sixth psychological thriller, Choke has won the Independent Press Award and the NYC Big Book Award. Towles ability to spin tale after tale of intrigue makes her a perfect fit for readers looking for suspense and danger.

Book Synopsis

When nursing assistant Kerry Stine is blamed for the death of a hospital patient, her life goes into freefall – fired, wanted by the police, and a stranger is squatting in her apartment who believes she has a priceless historical treasure. Dr. Adrian Calhoun has developed a controversial cure for lung cancer, making him a target and a liability to the pharmaceutical industry. Kerry’s search for the truth about her squatter leads her to a different truth – about a part of her past she’s not ready to face and a precious jewel that can’t possibly be hers. Adrian must protect not only himself but his secret formula and his vulnerable control group, before Pharma gets to them first. In an unpredictable turn of events, the destinies of Adrian and Kerry collide to produce stunning revelations that change their lives forever.

Choke is not a book you want to miss, and these reviewers agree.

The Reviews Are In!

While reading, one immediately falls in the position of the characters, who are confused and don’t understand what’s happening to them. They often even question their mental state, making them unreliable and leaving the readers on their own journey trying to figure out what’s real. Because of this, the story is gripping and constantly changing, giving interest to every little detail. Furthermore, with time the attachment to the characters starts to grow, and their relationships solidify in times of uncertainty, providing a new dimension to the entire story and making it even more appealing.

What can be trusted? You’ll have to thoroughly read the story to find out. I give Choke by Lisa Towles 5 out of 5 stars.

Book Reviewer, GoodReads

Through snappy dialog, characters’ on-going internal anguish and tightly crafted and complicated plotting, Choke is a thrilling ride guaranteed to keep you awake way too late. Lisa Towles is one of the edgiest thriller writers today. I can’t get enough of her piece-together-the- puzzle plots, quirky, likable characters, and speeding bullet pacing. I highly recommend Choke—and all of Lisa Towles‘s thrillers.

Ana Manwaring, Author

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