When Morgan le Fay Met Xena…

Author Laura DiNovis Berry Reveals All in the Book Huddle!

What do Morgan le Fay and the warrior princess Xena have in common? Both have served as inspirations for writer Laura DiNovis Berry in the fantastical A Story of Antyfas series!

Now as a reader, have you ever wondered: How do authors think of these things?

You’re not the only one who wants to know! Join the Book Huddle with Readgab and dive into the mechanics of writing books for children and families.

Published through Indies United Publishing House, each work in the A Story of Antyfas series is a stand alone piece that the whole family can enjoy.

The Reviews Are In!

The Readgab channel isn’t the only place you’ll find readers discussing the A Story of Antyfas series. Reviewers have described Berry’s magical works as:

Perfect for a middle grade reader…

Timothy Baldwin, Author

….so hilarious and charming! I was laughing and chuckling through most of the story!

Luminous Libro, Book Reviewer

An entertaining read with wonderful characters, especially the main character Cristiano, the As Yet Untitled, who is an inquisitive young man with a sense of adventure.

Jennie Reads, Book Reviewer

Love reading about magical realms that house characters like Morgan le Fay and Xena? Check out the A Story of Antyfas series today:

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