An Immigrant and Her New Life

The Doctor’s Wife

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The Doctor’s Wife by Myra Hargrave McIlvain is the story of an immigrant braving a strange, new land for a better life. Released through Indies United Publishing House, this tale is actually a prequel to McIlvain’s 2013 publication, The Stein House.

The Doctor’s Wife follows young German immigrant, Amelia Anton. Without further ado, let’s see what this tale has in store for readers.

Book Synopsis:

Amelia Anton leaves Germany in 1845 on an immigrant ship bound for Texas. After the death at sea of the child she is hired to tutor, her employer abandons her in Galveston. Reduced to emptying hotel chamber pots, Amelia quickly accepts the marriage proposal of the highly regarded ship physician, Joseph Stein. The couple sail down the coast to a barren camp of German families dying of diseases while they wait for transport inland.

While her husband is absorbed in healing the sick, Amelia grapples with what may be causing her failed marriage. As the community grows, Amelia finds satisfaction operating Doctor Stein’s mercantile business, translating newspapers for Germans who can’t read English, and nurturing a boy who arrives in port as a stowaway.

It is a buying trip to New Orleans that leads Amelia in a new direction and eventual understanding of her own strength.

This story of an immigrant and her trials coming to a new land has been well received. Readers have given The Doctor’s Wife 3.94 stars on GoodReads.

The Reviews Are In!

This Historical Fiction read as a nice blend of non-fiction and novel and completely pulls you into the past., Book Reviewer

Growing up in Houston with relatives in Galveston, I especially loved the story setting near Matagorda Bay. I can just picture the buildings and all the activities. I also loved Amelia’s trip to New Orleans.
If you love Texas history, you will love this book of the little known town of Indianola.

Cindy, GoodReads Review

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