This Empowering Memoir is an Inspiration

Our Better Selves

Author Kasey Rogers, like many writers, has a story to tell. The story isn’t one of epic prophecies or magnificent adventures galaxies away. Her work is far more important and much closer to home; Rogers tells her own story in her memoir, Our Better Selves.

No two people walk the same road in life, so let’s take a look at where Rogers’ road brought her.

Book Synopsis:

When author Kasey Rogers’ husband begins to exhibit alarming behaviors, she starts to suspect he’s having an affair and intends to divorce her. Fearing she may lose her children should they end up in court, Kasey searches for clues of his infidelity and the reasons their 25-year marriage unraveled. Examining the impact of a secret he insisted they keep from his family causes her to recognize that her life has been overtaken by her husband’s desperate need for control. Unable to tolerate his veiled threats and erratic outbursts, she makes plans to leave. Before she can take action, a medical crisis forces her to make challenging decisions that lead her on a journey quite different from the one she anticipated. Our Better Selves is an empowering memoir about life’s most difficult lessons in the context of marriage and relationships.

Delicately crafted while remaining brutally honest, Our Better Selves has earned 4.71 stars on GoodReads. Below, you can see what readers have to say about Rogers’ work.

The Reviews Are In!

This is a beautifully written story. It is an emotional journey of one woman’s struggle raising a family with a narcissistic gas-lighting husband. Yet, in light of this, the husband in this story is portrayed humanly.

Timothy Baldwin, Author

I couldn’t put this book down! I love this author’s writing style and I found this to be one of those stories that make the reader feel as though they are emotionally connected to the people/characters in the book. There are parts that make the reader feel joyous for Ms. Rogers and parts where your heart breaks for Ms. Rogers. Her captivating writing made me feel as though I was sitting at the table with her, talking over a cup of coffee. Fascinating and inspiring story!

Shelly I., GoodReads Review

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