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Coup de-Grâce

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Indies United author Paul L. Centeno launches readers into a fascinating new world in, Coup de-Grâce. This dystopian steampunk world is filled with inspiring stories of struggle and fascinating takes on technology.

Let’s dive in and see what this book is all about.

Book Synopsis:

It is a new age of industrialization. The gods have been forsaken, replaced with machines that suck the life out of nature. Like the never-ending flow of time, the dying planet and those cursed to inhabit its polluted land cannot stop the impenetrable force of change. Remnants of the ancient world linger, but its days are numbered. The faithless now reach out to science as their new deity. Gargantuan cities of industry—powered by steam engines—have arisen, ruled by a sprawling empire. The imperium rules land, sea, and air with vessels that surpass the poisoned clouds. Meanwhile, the emperor seeks a primeval power that can bring myth and science together. But at what cost? In this existential era of maddening inventions and alchemical concoctions, the struggle of humanity and its survival have taken a toll on the planet for the worst. Only one man stands in the way from the world losing its soul forever.

Centeno’s work has been well-received by readings and has an impressive 4.75 stars on GoodReads.

The Reviews Are In!

An adventure unlike any other can be had when reading this book because the excitement and various emotions felt makes it a rewarding reading experience. I have read a few books by this author and Paul has written some of the finest art that reels readers into the experience….

Moná, GoodReads Review

Centeno is skilled in his writing. The story is engaging from the beginning and the way he crafts the world of this book is well done. There is action, drama and a story below the surface that builds up until bursting in the end.

Sarah Jayne Nantais, Author

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