The Modern Guide to Pre-Med Success

The Physician’s Guide

Are you getting ready to launch yourself into the world of medicine? Then this practical pre-med handbook, The Physician’s Guide, is what you need. Let’s examine what this book is all about.


Combining the experience of an Ivy-League-trained physician with the insight of a former Assistant Dean of Medical School Admissions, The Physician’s Guide is the modern guide to pre-med success. From high school to college to gap years, The Physician’s Guide will detail proven strategies to succeed and thrive as a pre-medical student. This book discusses the critical topics, like MCAT prep, personal statement writing, and performing well in admissions interviews. However, it also covers less discussed, but equally important topics, such as extracurricular activities, finding mentors, studying abroad, research, and so much more. This book not only shows you how to be eligible for medical school; it teaches you how to stand out to admissions committees by following your passions and enjoying your pre-medical years. So, Doc, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Published through Indies United Publishing House, this incredibly helpful guide book for pre-med students has 5 stars on Amazon. Let’s see what readers have to say about The Physician’s Guide.

The Reviews Are In!

This is the best guide book I could find for anyone wanting to get into med school. It’s forthright, easy to read, and a great working handbook.

Anonymous, Amazon Customer

Our son had an early version of this book and it led him to a great medical school and subsequent residency.

Jim N., Amazon Customer

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