Desai’s Scientific Thriller a Hit

Germs of War

First published in 2017, Ketan Desai‘s scientific thriller launches readers into a world that mirrors our own but is filled with espionage, double crosses, and weapons of terror that are horrific beyond measure.

Germs of War is a fast-paced work that will make readers wonder about the ethics of war and if current ethical norms are strong enough to keep certain strains of science in check.

Let’s learn a little more about what this book has in store for readers.

Book Synopsis:

Imagine a world where suicide bombers can pass through the world’s tightest airport security undetected, and deliver their payload to any nation on the planet. Now imagine that ISIS has the technology.

Tracy is a busy medical student, trying to make her way through an academic jungle when she stumbles upon a plot to use covert agents to carry out a biological attack on the US. Battling inept scientists, crooked politicians, and rogue CIA agents, she quickly finds herself thrust into a nightmare scenario in a race to stop the FineDierum* bacteria from destroying all of western civilization.

Based on real-world science, Germs of War gives the reader a terrifying vision into a world where terrorists can easily deliver weapons of mass destruction to any point on the planet. With the credentials to pen an authentic bio-terror story, Doctor Ketan Desai creates a compelling tale of intrigue, espionage, and horror on a scale unprecedented.

Desai’s first full length novel with Indies United Publishing House has over 4 stars on GoodReads. Take a look at what some other readers have to say:

The Reviews Are In!

The book Germs of War is a well-paced thriller that builds smartly to the climax. It grabbed my interest in the first paragraph. From there, the ride was a roller coaster.

J.W. Bell, Author

I enjoyed Desai’s writing style, and this reader could tell that that author had knowledge of what was being written. A great chilling, story.

Amy Shannon, Author

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