Award Winning Book is a ‘Must Read!’

The Autopsy of Planet Earth

Today’s “In the Spotlight” work is an award winning book that will take you to worlds both familiar and unknown. With five awards attached to its name The Autopsy of Planet Earth by R.J. Eastwood deserves your attention even if you aren’t always inclined to go explore the last frontier.

Published in 2021 by Indies United Publishing House, Eastwood’s work examines what happens when mankind comes face to face with its alleged creators. An alien claims that humans were abandoned the early stages of their dominion over earth.

Book Synopsis:

When a single extraterrestrial arrives on Planet Earth claiming his race created mankind only to have abandoned them early in their evolution, U.S. politician Gabriel Ferro and Dr. Catherine Blake are the first to the scene. Soon, they are ensnared in not only a CIA/NSA conspiracy but a world beyond their wildest imagination, a world beyond Earth, beyond the Milky Way.In an effort to learn why the aliens have come at all, Gabriel and Dr. Blake venture to where no humans have gone before. Will the alien’s arrival save Earth from the destruction caused by the very society that relies on it for survival? Can humankind’s missteps, blindly repeated for millennia, be reversed? With uncanny insight, The Autopsy of Planet Earth delves into human consciousness at breakneck speed.

The Autopsy of Planet Earth has received the awards from Literary Titan, the Book Talk Radio Club, and more, but look below to see what other readers are saying:

The Reviews Are In!

“Eastwood shines with his imagination and insight as to the human race. This novel is thought-provoking, discussion-worthy, and hard to forget. A tremendous book for a book group to read, and it was Book Talk Radio’s Book of the Year!”


This is a MUST READ

This book is brilliant, intelligent and imaginative. It shows things from an unique perspective and it takes you on an unforgettable journey. I highly recommend it to all fans of science fiction.

Gosia, Reader

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