A Book of History and Love

The Scousers

Readers will be inspired when they dive into this incredible story. A book of history and love, The Scousers, is a filled with true tales of struggle and endurance.

Indies United writer Dorren M. Doyle and her co-author Joe Giambrone travel back through time to shed light on Doyle’s own family as they live through bombings and a time of great fear. With music to lift their spirits and each other to hold on to in times of hardship, Doyle’s family endures.

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Three sisters, Eileen, Lucy and Nell, with their two brothers, Tom and Jack, find love and build families at the end of the 1930s. The nation lives in dread that a new war will break out in Europe and spread to home. Upon hearing the King’s speech, the country transforms to a wartime footing.

Tom is already in the Merchant Navy and Jack steals his brother’s identity to also go enlist. As they train and prepare for the worst, still the war remains far away from Tom’s wife Gladys and her new baby. The families live their lives and play music at a local pub.

Once the massive evacuation of children sends thousands off to Wales, Lucy and her sisters decide to keep their children at home with them. The German Blitz rains bombs onto Liverpool in an effort to destroy the port. Neighborhoods near the docks are flattened one after the other, as the Germans try to disable the crucial shipping. Lucy’s house is bombed, and so is Gladys’, with her and the three children stuck inside beneath the rubble.

No matter, they move onto another house farther inland. Times are desperate, very little food. Diphtheria breaks out and claims scores of helpless children. It’s a miserable subsistence, and every night the Gerries send more than a hundred bombers to destroy what remains of Liverpool. In the middle of this chaos and carnage, Doreen was born. She naturally feels a solemn duty to tell this story.

Fans of history and stories of the human spirit are encouraged to add The Scousers to their shelves today. This compelling read has 4.17 stars on GoodReads.

The Reviews Are In!

A biography that is, simply put, a living and breathing time-lapse look into the lives and times of the people of Liverpool from the 1930s and on in the 20th century. The author pulls no punches

N. N. Light, Author

A story based on true events has a whole new expectation of immersion and enticement relying on its success- and this book, most certainly, provides that.

Brittany Sequin, Book Reviewer

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