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Let’s Get Physical!

Novelists, poets, and lyricists know that writing requires quite a lot of brain power. It’s incredible what can happen when inspiration strikes like a firestorm. Ballads that pull at heartstrings, and poems that ignite revolutions can all come flowing out of your pen.

There is, however, the constant struggle of the writer’s search for the muse, that spark of inspiration that is so hard to capture but so easily recognized once you have it in your grasp.

But on days when your mind seems to be enveloped by a fog of chores, children’s extra-curricular activities, or vet appointments, how can you get your mind to walk across the coals of creativity when all you want to do is just sit down?

Sitting down and taking a moment of peace is certainly an excellent way to allow creative thought to flow through you, but if you find that there are days when you are not just sitting but becoming stagnant, there are strategies you can use as a writer to get your creative juices flowing again.

While listening to music can certainly fire up your synapses, exercise also provides a method for you to care for your mind and body. It may seem counter intuitive, but the serenity offered in yoga allows you to clear out your cluttered thoughts. Ridding yourself of extemporaneous thought might just be the key you need to finding your creative spark.

Below, is a great yoga instructor, Jeanne DiNovis Montero, who can lead you through a variety of practices that will not only help you get writing again but will also make sure you are taking care of one of your most important writing instruments — your body!

Now, if yoga isn’t the right activity for you check out this list of other great ways to get moving:

  • Boxing
  • Bike Rides
  • Strolling Through the Neighborhood
  • Running
  • Rugby
  • Yardwork
  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Zumba
  • Dancing

As you can see, there are so many ways to ignite inspiration. You might be surprised to find that the way you choose to move your body could move your mind to write about your experience!

While Jeanne does offer free videos online, if you live in Los Angeles, you can also sign up to take private classes with her. Now, get out there and get moving, writers!

Lean Into Your Creative Process!


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