Death at Dusbar College is Coming to A Bookstore Near YOU!

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Bookstores and libraries are, as all upstanding denizens of Antyfas know, are places of magic and wonder. Where else can you tumble into new worlds without having to trek through treacherous airplane lines and sit on your suitcase in hope that everything will fit?

If you’re excited to discover new lands that will astound you, then you’ll be absolutely buzzing when you read this:

Your local bookstore can allow you entry into the magical, silly world of Antyfas!

While you can always order your copy of the awarding winning Death at Dusbar College online, if you want immediate gratification, you don’t have to wait.

You can simply march into one of these fine stores and snatch a copy of this awarding winning book off the shelf today:

Not only do independent bookstores empower the communities that house them and help readers find worlds of magic, but their willingness to support independent authors is a special kind of magic in and of itself. Whenever you need a gift for any occasion or want to treat yourself, look to these stores first!

And Don’t Forget!

The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp is coming out this October!

Second in the A Story of Antyfas series, this new tale features untold dangers and all manner of fascinating beasts that you won’t find anywhere but in Antyfas!

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