Musical Inspirations

When In Doubt, Put On Some Tunes!

Writing the world of Antyfas is always an adventure, but every adventurer sometimes gets stuck. If you’ve become caught in Writer’s Block Marsh, don’t despair! There are all kinds of ways to free yourself from such quagmires.

Taking a walk or going for a hike is an excellent way to get the creative juices flowing, but another strategy you an use to spring yourself to creative freedom is to find some good music!

Antyfas is a place of magic and silliness. You can see what kind of music helps bring that world to life here:

The Pied Piper isn’t the only one who can use music to create magic! Without this playlists, who knows if Death at Dusbar College or The Nasties of Nastgant Swamp would ever enter this plane of existence!

Now, dear adventurer, it’s time for you to pick up your quill and pop on your headphones! Your writing journey awaits you!

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