Break Out Those Clubs!

The Phoenixville Rugby Team Golf Outing is BACK

Laura DiNovis Berry is proud to be a sponsor of the 8th Annual Phoenixville Rugby Golf Outing!

This fun filled day is a great opportunity to get outside, spend time with good friends, and win some great prizes. Your participation in this event provides immense support for the men and women’s rugby teams of Phoenixville. Friends can join as a team, or you can go it alone!

Sign up now to take a swing at first prize!

If you can’t contain your passion for rugby or have never played before, be sure to pick up a copy of Egg Shaped Ball. This small collection of poems is dedicated to rugby and the women who play it. Reviewers have described it as “…eloquent and honest…” and “…inspiring…”

Rugby and poetry surge happily together in Egg Shaped Ball, making it a great fit avid for poetry lovers or ruggers who can’t wait to get back out on the pitch.

Phoenixville locals can purchase their own copy when they stop into Reads & Company at 234 Bridge Street.

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