A Great Gift for Sci-Fi Fans

Michael’s Ivy

When it’s summer, it’s time for Sci-Fi! Keith Bingham, an Indies United Publishing House author, weaves a tale of scientific discovery and the human condition into the fascinating tale in Michael’s Ivy.

Book Synopsis:

When Michael finds an unusual plant in another dimension and brings it back to Earth, it charts a course that forever changes humanity. The plant has the power to heal his body into a perfect and pristine state of health. Realizing that he has discovered virtual immortality, he shares the plant with his friends. Within days, he learns, to his horror, if he does not continue to take it, he has condemned himself, and all those he shared it with, to a terrible and gruesome fate.

Michael’s Ivy has been well received by the public. You can see what readers are saying here:

The Reviews Are In!

The words that come to mind are complex and cerebral. The author takes on weighty subjects like nature of death and the soul and carves an interesting story surrounding them. Highly recommended!

Jeff DeMarco, Author

This novel does this a lot, throws trilogy-long concepts at you in about one or two pages, and goes on as if nothing has happened while you’re still reeling. There’s even a point, almost mid-sentence, where we simply shift hundreds of years into the future (or into a completely different dimension, who knows) while dumping all of the previous characters and resuming the narrative with brand new ones. And it freaking works. Good on ya, mate.

D. Krauss, Author

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