In The Spotlight: Journey 5

A Thriller That Spans Countries

When you scour all the books that the vivacious publishing house Indies United has to offer, you’ll be sure to stumble upon the work of E. L. Bean. Bean’s psychological thriller, Journey 5, follows a man from one country to another as he spirals further and further into madness.

When a young aspiring author receives a black notebook with a paranoid story in the form of a diary, he descends into the disturbed mind of a young man falling into madness. This psychological thriller will leave you to wonder how easily a person can slip the perceptions of reality leaving nothing but unanswered questions laced with regret.

Journey 5

As you visit new countries with E. L. Bean, you’ll never be sure what to expect next!

The Reviews Are In!

E. L. Bean plays with the human psyche and shows her readers that is better to cling to life, no matter how brief, than be eaten by despair

Laura DiNovis Berry, Author

E. L. Bean’s plot is smartly constructed and the prose left this reader questioning the truth of the narrator.

This is a very good read!

Timothy Baldwin, Author

The writing style is simple, easy, and has a definite female perspective as it explores relationships and fate.

David Cameron, Author

Don’t let this thriller pass you by! You can order Journey 5 from major book sellers today.


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