Ask A Writer Anything!

(About Writing…)

Hello writers and readers!

Have you ever wondered why an author thought to end their book in a certain way or what caused the spark for certain stories? Join this little game, and you could get your questions answered!

Here’s how it works:

Make a blog post titled “Ask a Writer Anything! (About Writing…)”

Tag a writer on WordPress either by linking them or @-ing them, and ask three questions like so:


1 – Question?

2 – Question?

3 – Question?

If you’re a writer who’s been tagged, feel free to answer in the comments or reblog the post and answer the questions then.

After answering your questions, tag another writer to keep the game going!

I’ll get the ball rolling by tagging award-winning author, Lisa Towles!

@Lisa Towles

  1. How do you plot out your thrillers?
  2. How you manage to keep track of all the clues and characters?
  3. Do you ever get lost in the subplots?

Thanks for playing along!


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