The Book Tour Begins

After a successful first stop in Lititz, the denizens of Antyfas are excited to see more of your world!

The sun was shining, the cupcakes were fresh, and all was right in the world as Death at Dusbar College landed for its first stop in Lititz, PA.

Author Laura DiNovis Berry set up shop in the Lititz Springs Park and was thrilled to share her work with fans, including one young aspiring author who likes to write about cats.

The event also supported two independent artists in one go! As Laura DiNovis Berry’s guests where enthralled by the hilarious antics of the Dusbar College professors, they were able to munch on delicious cupcakes created by Sugar Whipped Bakery, a local bakery.

Not only were these cupcakes delicious, but these baked delights were a feast for the eyes as well, sporting illustrations directly from the book!

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon as Berry brought her characters to life with funny voices and dramatic gestures.

When the familiar clouds of a Pennsylvania summer storm began to roll in, the event came to an end but not before signed copies of Death at Dusbar College were sent home with excited readers.

Berry’s imaginative story is about a little boy who is eager to win a Grand Magician’s marvelous hat. How marvelous is this hat? You can see for yourself here:

It was a glorious hat too. The hat’s wide circular brim was
resplendent with golden stars and moons. Swirling clouds
stitched with deep blue thread traveled mysteriously about
the deep purple fabric.

Small silver, gold, and black pom-poms dangled down
from the brim. The Grand Magician’s hat led up to a point
that was two feet into the air, and the inner lining was
constructed of dark red satin. At the very tip of the hat sat a
wonderfully white fluffy ball that sparkled and glittered. The
Grand Magician’s hat was the envy of all who saw it.

Death at Dusbar College

You won’t want to miss a chance to get your hands on a signed copy of this one-of-a-kind book, and Laura DiNovis Berry doesn’t wan to miss out on the chance of meeting you! There will be plenty of more stops along the book tour this summer, so if you’re an aspiring author of any age bring your curiosity and questions about plot writing, character design, and everything in between.

Excited to find out where the next stop of the tour will be? Enter your email below or follow this site so you can be the first to know!


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