In The Spotlight: Camp Lenape

A Summer of Mystery!

Looking for a book that will keep you guessing? Then you’ll need to snag a copy of Timothy Baldwin‘s middle school mystery, Camp Lenape: A Kahale and Claude Mystery. Published through Indies United Publishing House, this is the first installment of Badlwin’s mystery series. Let’s take a look at what’s in store when you join Camp Lenape campers for the summer:

When a girl goes missing, and none of the adults can give a straight answer, a childhood game suddenly turns into a real, secret mission. Phone lines are down. Strange men roam the campgrounds. Financial documents indicate something’s amiss. And hidden security cameras point to a mysterious cottage in the woods. With heightened suspicions, junior camp counselors Marcus and Alissa recruit their friends to help find the missing girl. In their search, the teens will learn to rely on each other, especially when they encounter a terrible and dangerous secret.

Camp Lenape: A Kahale and Claude Mystery

There’s nothing like a good mystery to ensnare the senses, and these reviewers agree!

The Reviews Are In!

Camp Lenape was a fast and enjoyable read for me. The characters were fun and interesting and very well rounded. The storyline was mysterious and the prologue was wonderful and had me hooked from the first page.

Luvtoread, Book Reviewer

I read this book because I wanted to find something my teenaged grandsons would enjoy reading. I’m glad to say, I found just the book…

Edith Coley, Book Reviewer

A good teen read with plenty of suspense and action.

Sian Turner, Author

You don’t have to wait for your next summer thrill-ride! Get Camp Lenape delivered to your home right away, and support an indie author!

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