In The Spotlight: Chromaspace: Conscript

A High Stakes Galactic Adventure!

Author Megan Alnico is taking readers to new heights in her sci-fi novel, Chromaspace: Conscript.

Published through Indies United Publishing House in 2021, this novel is sure to expand your horizons.

Military Field Agent Jacob Zackery had never planned on joining the Union Space Force. After being pressed into service there was only one way out, complete three missions for Admiral York. But when Jacob is abandoned on a dead planet to slowly starve to death he must make a deal with an illegal AI to get back to Homeworld and to Helen, the woman he loves. Along the way he befriends a mechanical savant, a young woman fleeing a planetary invasion, and a doctor with questionable loyalties, all while struggling to regain the life torn from him.

Chromaspace: Conscript

When you crack open a good book, you never know where the adventure will take you. Want to learn more about Chromaspace: Conscript? Check out these reviews!

The Reviews Are In!

I love how Alnico weaves her worlds together and gives them each a system of laws and culture to make them unique.

K. J. Harrowick, Book Reviewer

As a reader, I look for certain things from certain genres of fiction. In detective stories; a good mystery. In thrillers; a decent villain to challenge the hero. In literary fiction; a good cast of well-rounded, fully-fleshed characters.
In Chromaspace: Conscript, I got all three.

Aaron S. Gallagher, Author

You can add Alnico’s space saga to your bookshelf today. Don’t wait to support an indie writer!


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