In the Spotlight: The French Queen’s Curse

A Literary Titan Book Award Winner!

The esteemed publishing house Indies United has a new release coming this Saturday.

Juliette Lauber’s The French Queen’s Curse is sure to be unlike anything you have read before. You can get a taste for the book here:

Véronique “Kikki” Trieste international entertainment lawyer, moonlighting as a time traveler and a 21st Century High Priestess, answers a plea from the ghost of Queen Marguerite de Valois, “La Reine Margot,” daughter of the treacherous Queen Catherine de Medici, to break a 400 year-old curse. Two ancient secret societies are pitted against each other—one, the Knights of the Holy Swords of God, aiming to destroy—the other, the Daughters of the Goddess Inanna, intent on saving the City of Light. Kikki crosses time and dimension to the 16th century through past life visions to help Margot flee Paris with her newborn daughter.

Indies United Publishing House

When you dive into the pages of this Literary Titan award winning book, you’ll be sure to meet exciting characters and discover amazing settings. As summer starts, so does your next literary adventure when you order a copy of The French Queen’s Curse.


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