In the Spotlight: The Ship to Look for God

Indies United’s very own D. Krauss has released the first installment of his epic fantasy series, The Ship to Look for God. This unique work will be sure to leave you asking questions and wondering what comes next. You can read the summary here:

Otto Boteman suffers a massive heart attack and wakes up in a strange, jeweled city filled with beautiful people, a mesmerizing sky defying all physics, and what looks suspiciously like his first car. He has a disturbing encounter with a murdered childhood friend and is assured by an angel bureaucrat that this is Heaven but God is not here so don’t bother looking. No God? Can’t be Heaven, then, despite the best danishes Otto’s ever eaten and a nice condo replete with tailored suits and HBO. Maybe he’s not even dead, just comatose. But then he meets Claudia, a 5th Century beauty running an Irish pub, who tells him about a group of malcontents building a rocket ship in the far desert. Their mission? Find God.

The Ship to Look for God

You can support this indie author by purchasing his book! The Ship to Look for God is just the beginning of this epic fantasy, so don’t wait to start your own adventure!


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