A Kid’s Book to Explain Vaccines

Anjali the Brave

Dr. Adjoa Smalls-Mantey and Dr. Maria Abraham joined together to bring the charming Anjali the Brave to your bookshelf.

Book Synopsis:

Anjali is a brave girl, but like many kids, she’s nervous about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. During an open conversation with her doctor, Anjali gains confidence by learning how vaccines work to protect her body. At the same time, she develops a desire to help others, thanks to the example of amazing scientists who created life-saving vaccines. Join Anjali the Brave on this educational journey where she discovers how vaccines keep us safe and healthy.

This delightfully colorful book, illustrated by Paul Buste, is a great tool that can help you assuage your child’s concerns over getting vaccines and help you learn a lot about this fascinating area of science!

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Don’t wait to add Anjali the Brave to your TBR list today!

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