A Holiday Gift For You!

Happy holidays everyone! Or as they would say in Antyfas, “A joyful Solicrudu to you!”

Much like our winter holidays here, the time of Solicrudu is one of cheerfulness, giving, good food, and silly antics. Of course, the citizens of Antyfas do always have to keep a look out for the cantankerous Prumgy, a dastardly creature who just can’t help causing trouble during this otherwise happy season.

Now, last week you were promised a special gift, and with the generosity of the audiobook production company, Blah Blah Books, the second chapter of Death at Dusbar College has been made ready ahead of schedule!

Please cuddle up with some hot cocoa or your favorite snack and enjoy chapter two of Death at Dusbar College:

Goodness! What will happen next?!

Death at Dusbar College will be released in June of 2022, but pre-orders (along with all kinds of other goodies) will be available before you know it.

If you are having as much fun as we are with Cristiano in Antyfas, please enter your email below so you can keep up with the adventure and not miss a single, thrilling moment:

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One response to “A Holiday Gift For You!”

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