A Space Opera for the Ages


It’s time to launch yourself into a world of epic proportions. Indies United Publishing House has just released award-winning author Paul L. Centeno’s Maz’hura, and from the looks of its dramatically alluring cover, it will provide its readers with some outstanding chapters full of danger and wonder.

First up in The Twelve Dimensions series, this space opera promises a thrilling ride. Want to know what’s in store for you when you take dive into one of the twelve dimensions?


The Celestial glides through the inky blackness of deep space when it suddenly finds itself in the midst of a violent attack. Captain Shirakaya, a powerful sorceress, is the dauntless captain of the Celestial, and she and her crew just barely escape the murderous barrage. But now they must bring unsettling news to the Ruzurai, the ruling Tal’manac Order. Shirakaya is convinced the attackers were none other than the koth’vurians, a war-hungry race that had been exiled eons before. However, the crew’s harrowing tales are met only with skepticism. The Ruzurai turn a blind eye to the growing threat, and to make matters worse, Shirakaya’s magical powers are mysteriously weakening. As the body count rises, Shirakaya struggles to convince the galaxies that the koth’vurians are back—and this time, their mayhem threatens to engulf the entire Ensar universe. As her magic continues to fade, Shirakaya is faced with a hard question: How far is she willing to go to vanquish this ancient and monstrous race and see peace prevail?

Maz’hura has been called “…a fast-paced read full of excitement…” by reviewers and would look great tucked into someone’s stocking this holiday season.

If you love all things Sci-Fi, add this book and the ones below to your reading list:

It’s always exciting to add a new book to your home library, but don’t forget that your purchases are also helping fund an indie writer! Of course, if your bookshelves at home are fit to burst, ask your local library to purchase a copy of Maz’hura today!

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